Pollyanna Library (2017–) is a research infrastructure operated by non-profit organization 221A.

Pollyanna Library (2017–) is a research infrastructure operated by non-profit organization 221A.

Collection & Activities

Pollyanna Library collects print material, audio, videos, objects, and artworks acquired by the research initiatives of 221A’s fellowship program. Pollyanna Library also produces educational programming — talks, performances, screenings, reading groups, and classes — that animate and develop the collection.

Public reading room hours

Tue 2 PM  –  8 PM
Wed 2 PM  –  8 PM
Thu 12 PM –  6 PM
Fri 12 PM –  6 PM
Sat 12 PM –  6 PM

* May be unavailable during scheduled activities
* Closed holidays and International Workers’ Day


100-221 E Georgia St
Vancouver BC V6A 1Z6

Unceded territories

t: + 1 604 568 0812
e: librarian@polly-anna.ca


Vincent Tao

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Reading room use

  • Free admission (16 person occupancy)
  • No food or beverages (water is ok)
  • Sections of the reading room may be reserved for users undertaking research as part of 221A’s fellowship program


Pollyanna Library is a 1,680 square foot facility with a 16 seat public reading room and gathering space. The library has a maximum occupancy of 65 people and is equipped with a media screen and presentation equipment. The space is used primarily for Pollyanna Library activities, but may also be booked for free or on a cost-recovery basis for collectives and non-profit organizations to host private meetings. To inquire about facility rentals or booking, please contact the Librarian.


Pollyanna Library is seeking volunteers for ‘reading shifts’ — monitoring the reading room during public hours. Volunteers may also contribute to the library’s activities through research initiatives, event assistance, and administrative support. Come read with us! For inquiries, please contact the Librarian.


The library has a 1.8m (6’) wide double set street front entrance with  manually operated outward-swinging doors. An interior 6cm (2.5”) high by 60cm (24”) long ramp spans the width of the doorway. The bathroom is not wheelchair accessible. Please contact the Librarian to make arrangements to best accommodate your needs.